Feb 16, 2021
- Problems getting data from National Weather Service began on Feb 11 impacting operation of the Soaring Predictor software.
The service seems to be working again at about 75% as of this morning, Feb 16.

Backup data is being sourced from however, their free service is limited to 3 days. If you see a three day forecast for your favorite site, thank the WeatherAPI folks. The full 5-day forecasts are receiving input data from the National Weather service (thank them too :-).



KOTX (alt)


20 MAR 2023

Temp/Wind data from:

NOAA Digital Forecast
error getting data for site: Chelan coordinate: 47.80712500000001,-120.0336861111111 error getting data for site: Jupiter Ridge coordinate: 47.68437 ,-122.96199